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Plan Office Lunch Here to Power Teams

Club Inn is one of the best banquet halls in Surya Nagar on the outskirts of Delhi. Booking us for the corporate lunch will prove out to be your best decision as we have highly trained staff and credible management support. Corporate entertainment plays a pivotal role in encouraging the employees and it also strengthens the link among them. Being the head of the company, it is important to plan corporate events such as holiday parties, private concerts, or even a corporate lunch. A corporate lunch is a perfect way to connect with your employees and will ultimately motivate them to perform better at work.

Corporate Lunch for the Corporate Wellness

How to we judge an occasion? We call an event a grand success on the basis of alluring decoration, delectable dishes, and pleasing ambiance. According to a report, more than $122 billion is spent annually at the corporate events in the US. A corporate program allows the head of the company to spend informal time with the employees in a non-traditional atmosphere. Such events sometimes are scheduled in order to make an important announcement regarding the future of the company. A lunch may also be scheduled for appreciating the work of employees or to make them realize how important they are to the firm.


Why prefer us?

Get to know about key elements that play a prominent role in pleasing our guests.

Centrally air-conditioned hall

Years of experience in planning corporate events

Spacious & flexible set-up

Pocket-friendly services

Tables and chairs are provided

Capacity to accommodate 200 persons

Valet parking

Banquet style lunch

Availability of change room

How to make the payment: You can avail our services by making the payment through Cash, Debit Cards, Credit Cards or a Cheque.

What’s on our menu: Professionally prepared corporate lunch

Do you want your business clients to have a wholesome cooked corporate lunch? We provide high-quality catering services and have been acclaimed well by our former and current clients. They can explore plenty of dishes and beverages on our menu. Large banquet style plates with salads and sides. We serve a wide range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian snacks alongside our brunch specials. Check out our menu on our website to have a real idea about the variety.

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