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Excellent Conference Hall with Best Services

Organizing meeting or conference is a challenging task in itself. But what if we do not have the pain of finding a suitable venue? Enjoy the artistic flair of modern conference hall with best interior decors here. Let’s jot down a few points that Conference Hall of Club Inn has to offer:-

  • Accessible Location
  • Good Lighting
  • Centralized Air Conditioners
  • Free Wifi
  • Dedicated Point of Contact from the Hotel
  • Comfortable Sitting Arrangement
  • Pens and Papers
  • All Types of Modern Equipments
  • Podium and Staging
  • Food and Beverages
  • Podium and Staging
  • Large Doors

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Accessible Location

Minimum traveling time is must. It’s just 1 hour drive from Club Inn to the Airport. Avail free parking facility!

Pens and Papers

Enjoy a productive meeting by noting down all the main points with pen and paper.

Comfortable Sitting Arrangement

Conferences are time consuming. Chairs and tables are designed to offer delegates perfect sitting postures.

All Types of Modern Equipments

Make an impact on the audience with your presentation skills using latest Projectors & Screen. Give an edge while giving business presentations to the clients and prospects. Find convenient PA system, Microphone, Wifi and Conference phone. Needless to say there is arrangement of battery back-up for laptops and phones.

Large Doors

We try to provide you with best of facilities. Find comfortable large doors for entry and exit. Large doors avoid bottlenecks.

Good Lighting

Find halls with Daylight, Bright Decor and Black out facilities.

Centralized Air Conditioners

The delegates won’t feel too hot or cold via Centralized Air Conditioning system.

Dedicated Point of Contact from the Hotel

It is important to have meetings and conferences without any interruption. Confirm with all arrangements for smooth functioning via dedicated point of contact.

Food and Beverages

Meetings may be hectic but good tea, coffee or refreshment boosts up the energy level. Enjoy!

Podium and Staging

Create an impression on the audience with perfect Podium and Staging facility.

Free Wifi

Browse internet the way you want. Whether you need to work for your meeting on the laptop or chat with your friends or relatives during the leisure time, free Wifi is available to you all the time.

Find all your conferences and meetings fruitful with the best environment offered by Conference Hall of Club Inn.

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